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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology


Caroline Moore, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech & Language Pathologist Program Director

Video Transcript

I’m Caroline Moore, I am the department director of our speech therapy department, and a therapist as well. And I’ve been with the company for over five years.

In western North Carolina, there is a great need for different therapy services, be it speech or occupational, physical therapy, behavioral health, and Carolina Peds has provided that. Caring for people is of utmost importance, and that’s where the heart is. It’s that, “Who can we help? And how many people can we help? Who may need us?”

When I see moms crying in the session because they’re so happy that their child said a word, and then be able to show them how to follow up with that at home and make it continue happening, is huge.

A lot excites me about working for Carolina Peds. I really have a lot of gratitude for just the fact that I have a secure job. And within that, being able to hep so many people in the community, and in my position, not only helping clients for therapeutic purposes, but helping therapists and families work through difficulties they may have, or find the right therapist, or find the right schedule, that kind of thing. I feel like I’ve been put in a position to be able to help people and I really appreciate that.

Here we not only have a huge team of speech therapists, but other disciplines that we can talk to and brainstorm with and get ideas and I really like that a lot.

Carolina Peds has a lot of seasoned therapists who are there that can help mentor new graduates just coming out of graduate school. We are looking for new grads who know that they can benefit from learning more.

I would tell anyone who is looking for a job in speech therapy that Carolina Peds is a really great place to work. We have an awesome system of collaboration, lots of different opportunities for growth, and we get to help people all the time.

At Carolina Pediatric Therapy, we thrive on having a growth mindset, and always sharing and learning and growing together.