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Physical Therapy


Sally McCoy, LPT
Physical Therapy Program Director

Video Transcript

We thrive at Carolina Peds because everything we do is based in love, and that love and nurture that we feel as employees is then able to be passed down to our children and our families. And families that feel loved and nurtured are more successful, that makes us more successful.

I coordinate our team of therapists and help them be as effective as they can be, try to support them so that they can grow professionally, and try to increase our presence in the community for physical therapy.

I’ve been at Carolina Pediatric Therapy for almost eight years, and it has been the best professional eight years of my life. I’ve never worked at a place that was as supportive, and caring, and nurturing, and recognizing of individual skills as our company is. I come from a background of a lot of years as a therapist. 42 plus years. And have worked in hospitals, and private practices, and school settings, and combination settings, and I’ve never had a job that’s given me as much opportunity for personal growth with as much opportunity to create the kind of job I wanted to have.

What makes Carolina Pediatric Therapy special is that we don’t provide service to but we work with the families in our community to make a difference for children who might not have those opportunities somewhere else. It allows them to know that they are more successfully integrating in the community because they have skills that we’ve helped provide.

Carolina Peds is a great place to work, whether you’re young in your career or more seasoned. If you’re young, you’re going to be surrounded by a lot of people who have a lot of experience who can mentor you, and that’s a great asset. If you’re more seasoned, it’s going to give you lots of opportunities to create what you want out of the job, and to focus your energies on places that you know you have skills in. On the other hand, it’s also a place where you can learn about new things, and expand your horizons of what you can do as a therapist and what you can give to the community.

My passion is meeting the needs of children and their families, and I have a particular passion for children with significant disabilities. There’s a process of developing trust with a family, and that trust enables a higher level of commitment to therapy, and a higher level of success with therapy. So I feel like the abilities that I have are to meet the needs of families, and maybe go just the extra step beyond to create relationship. And that relationship is what makes those children progress, and their progression makes them able to be a fuller member of the community. And I think that’s the most powerful thing we do at Carolina Peds.